Kevlar® Coating

For added protection, AWT OffRoad Jeeps can come with a premium kevlar® coating in a wide array of colors. Kevlar® coated Jeeps from AWT are built to the highest standards. We will help you to see some of the many benefits of getting your vehicle custom Kevlar® coated.


AWT Jeep owners love the off road adventures that their vehicle allows. That is why Kevlar® coating your vehicle is the best decision. Kevlar® coating is a super tough finish with 4700 tensile strength, and is basically scratch resistant in almost all cases.


AWT can have your Jeep Kevlar® coated in a range of colors allowing for the ultimate in customization. Even the best paint job will eventually fade or peel. The Kevlar® coating will not fade or peel over time like typical manufacturers paint.


Anyone can spray your vehicle with a bedliner/Kevlar® coating, the big difference is the preparation. AWT spends over 40 hours per Jeep to get it ready for the process. There are short cuts that can be done to make the prep less time consuming. However, AWT has elected to continue with our way because it delivers the best finish that will last and look like new years later.



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